Monday, March 16, 2009

Pot Shots

Well well, said an old man. Now I'm no old man but these bourbon bottles make me feel a little less vivacious.

The kiln rocketed off and some pots were compromised due to dunting and poor Kentucky clay from the Old Hickory Clay Company.

Overall I am pleased the kiln worked. I plan to upload more pics as I get them touched up. Cheers!


  1. hey mitch, welcome to the blog thing... i just started in february too, and i'm in kentucky too... louisville. i went to school down by you in murray in the late 70's. what exactly is the artist relocation program?

  2. The relocation program is, in a nut shell, a program where historic houses or turn of the century homes are offered to artist who intend to make them studios or galleries. There are over 60 relocated artist here now. Lots of talent and tax breaks as well for remodeling and reconstruction on the homes. Look into it:

    nice to meet you.


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